Best, simple ways to buy smart

downloadThere is really no other way around buying the stuff that you need around the house, but if you buy smart you are sure to get everything at a lower cost than usual. Score big discounts by clipping coupons like this SAVE $0.55 on any one (1) pack of Energizer Brand batteries or Energizer Brand flashlight. Always check the circulars and grab a handful of printable coupons before heading to the store.

Buy in bulk whenever possible, too. Just be sure to only buy what you really need so you don’t waste money on unused and expired items or storage space around the house. Give store brands the time of day as well.  Often, you can save a dollar or two when you do this. Do not pay for advertising. If the ingredients are the same, and sometimes even the manufacturers are the same, what is the point in paying for the expensive name brand?