Easy savings for all home cooks

downloadCooking at home has its many joys. For many, they find it relaxing and truly comforting. Even after a busy day, it is easy to put together good meals if you have quick recipes on hand. Sometimes, you can even make more progress by combining store bought items with those you have prepared from scratch. However, do not be tempted to buy the precut and prepackaged produce if you are looking to maximize your budget. By far, it is more economical to do your own slicing and dicing. Prepackaged and single-serving foods are easy mark-up territory. Go ahead and compare any whole fruit with a cut, peeled, and cored package. The price is almost always double. Though it may be more time consuming to prep your own, the savings are worth it. Also, carry coupons like this BUY 1, GET 1 FREE Kellogg’s Buy ONE Cheez-It CHRUNCH’D & Get 1 Pringles Retro Canister (Redeemable at Walmart) (Max Value $1) to enjoy more savings.