Getting the FREE items at checkout

2Isn’t it nice to get items for free from the grocery store? To begin with, clip this coupon for $2.00 OFF 1 Swiffer Starter Kit (excludes Swiffer Bissell Steamboost and trial/travel size). The magic begins if your store values all manufacturer coupons at $1 or offers double or triple coupons. Automatically, you are handed the opportunity to earn certain items for free. For example, if you are looking at a 10 for $10 promotion on canned tuna, you can easily get these for free using a coupon with a $1 value. In some instances, if the value on the coupon is greater than the price of the sale item, you could even get money back. It is truly a joy, knowing that you are putting your money to the best of its use. There are times when you even walk away from the cash register with a negative number at the end of your tab. It is not impossible or extreme – just using coupons responsibly.