Grow your savings with a functional coupon system

1Once you have gotten into the habit of collecting coupons like this to SAVE $0.40 off 1 (one) Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa product (Redeemable at Walmart), the next step to grow the savings is to develop a functional couponing system. This can be as simple as you want it to be. The most important thing is it work out for you and it does not stress you out. It can be as easy as writing a shopping list first, matching it with coupons online or from the circulars, then going to the store. This can also work in reverse, where you look for coupons first and only buy products on sale. It is also worthwhile to get to know the supermarkets around you. There is one that is bound to offer more generous coupon policies or offer lower prices. Make it a point to shop here to generate the most value from your coupons.