How to be a kitchen fairy for beginners

download (1)It is all a matter of getting your head together and having a game plan to become the kitchen fairy that you have always wanted to be. Here are some simple tips that will help you. If you enjoy following cookbooks, do not hesitate to write on them and make notes. Maybe the soup needs more tomato or an extra 10 minutes are needed by your chicken in the oven. Take note of these adjustments for more convenience the next time you cook the same recipe. Having an instant-read digital meat thermometer also works wonders. You don’t want to ruin your $25 marbled steak by cutting into it just to see if it is cooked medium-rare right? Additionally, always have coupons at the ready when buying your ingredients like this SAVE $1.50 on Any One (1) Tai Pei Appetizer (16 oz. – 24 oz.). It saves you money every time!