How to get extreme grocery savings now

2Extreme grocery savings do not come from coupons. It is definitely not an end to itself. This is a little secret that some shoppers have yet to realize and something that every food company and grocery store chain take advantage of. In truth, the bulk of the savings come from store sales combined with the coupons. The bigger the deals, the better the savings. Get the best value for money by always shopping the sales. Go for the 30% to 50% off promos and not just the everyday items or surprising low price items because these merchandise are usually not even at a sale price. Having said that, remember to buy food because you need it and not because it is on sale. Search for bargains on products you normally consume as a family and remember that everything goes on sale eventually so be patient. In the meantime, take this SAVE $1.00 when you buy any 2 Pine-Sol multi-purpose cleaners coupon to add to your list of money saving tools.