Let your grocery list write itself

1The holidays is always a busy time for any household. As such, tips that will allow you to save time and energy are always very welcome. Here is one that will keep your grocery list halfway done for you. Practice having a running grocery list. As you work around your kitchen, take note of whatever it is that you run out off. Add it to the list as you go along so you do not forget. Remember, the more well-stocked your pantry is, the better you will eat, and the less you will spend. When it is time to shop, bring the list with you and stick with it. Naturally, if an item is not on the list, you do not need it. Also, take whatever coupons you can find like this SAVE $1.00 OFF ANY TWO (2) M&M’S, 3 MUSKETEERS, DOVE, TWIX, MINIS MIX, SNICKERS, MILKY WAY Brands (7.94 oz or larger).