Saving big on fruits and vegetables

UntitledIf good and nutritious food is important to you, then fruits and vegetables are always on top of your spending. To save up on the produce, here are some tips that can help you out real well. First, always go for in-season fruit and vegetables. They’ll be plentiful and cheap for families trying to stretch the finances. Buy in bulk and freeze them in labeled plastic containers that you can get for cheap with this SAVE $1.00 on any two Ziploc brand bags coupon. Also, be mindful where you get your fresh items. Sometimes you end up with more money in your pocket if you shop at your local green grocer rather than at one of the supermarket giants. Compare prices and go where the prices are lower. Another option is to shop at local wholesale fruit and vegetable markets where significant discounts are offered and big savings can be made. Alternatively, you can plant your own herbs, tomatoes, and leafy greens or maybe join a local community garden for more food but less spending.