SHOCKING: Don’t get excited about a sale

2Don’t get excited about a sale. Shocking? Not really. The truth is, the grocery stores have made it a mission to come up with all kinds of tricks to make you think you are getting the best deals, when in fact you are not. Here is a solid example: you go to the store and see a big red tag on a pile of avocadoes on sale at $1.99 per pound. It is the week’s special and it even has its own big feature on the circular. The casual shopper will automatically be drawn to this display and feel really lucky to take advantage of such a bargain. But the true deal hound will not easily fall to this trick because she is aware that last week, the same store has put this same item on sale too but only at $0.79 per pound. This makes the best deal this week almost 3 times as much as the last sale. Now how on earth can you be excited about a sale that is actually 3 times more expensive? The key here is price tracking. Get to know your products and their prices and never be fooled again. In the meantime, grab this coupons and SAVE $0.55 on any 1 package of Frigo Cheese Heads snack cheese (8ct or larger).