Surprising healthy food options this 2015

UntitledHow about a good old casserole dinner tonight? Take this coupon to get $1.00 OFF Idahoan When you buy any three (3) Idahoan Flavored Mashed pouches or cups, or Idahoan Homestyle Casseroles. Also, don’t forget to add in the eggs to complete the meal. Don’t worry about taking out the yolk. According to studies, there is no need to do so and in fact the healthiest part of the egg may be the yolk! Forget the egg-white omelet and egg substitute. The yolk is rich in choline, a nutrient similar to a B vitamin, and which most adults lack. Choline is an important part of the cell membrane, especially those in the brain. Some of the best sources of choline are egg yolk, butter, peanuts, oats, and soybeans. Fill up your cart with these items and provide more nourishment to your body. Remember to look for coupons to save up on everything that you buy.