Tips for smart cooking at home

2Do you enjoy cooking at home? It is really a fun activity that can be truly rewarding. Additionally, you will find that it saves you a lot of money instead of buying the food ready-made. If you make it yourself, you will surely get the bigger portions, have the other half of the ingredients ready for another meal, and is likely to end up with leftovers that you can dress up to become a new meal on its own. For instance, you can buy a sandwich for lunch but the price is not even close if you get an entire bread loaf and some deli meat. Throw in some tomatoes and lettuce and you can literally have sandwiches for the entire week at a very low cost. Other things that you can make yourself are grated cheese, hummus, and salads. No doubt, the ones that you make save you the most and also end up the tastiest. Also, if you really need to buy anything, remember to use coupons like this SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) LiptonĀ® Black Tea Bag carton.