What Causes 23% Increase in Impulse Buys

2Save $1.00 on any 2 PERDUE Short Cuts Carved Breast Strips and potentially more and on every item on your cart by adopting this simple trick: commit to shopping less. Naturally, the more time you spend inside the grocery store, the more you are likely to spend. If you do unplanned trips, this chance further increases. The people more likely to commit this mistake are singles and couples as they see shopping more of a leisurely activity than a task. A recent study shows that impulse buys shoot up 23 percent on unplanned trips, and decrease 13 percent when planned. For families and households, the best way to amp up the savings is to avoid shopping several times a week and instead just planning on two major shops a month with weekly visits for perishables. Write an extensive grocery list to cover everything that you need so you limit the trips you have to make. If you can time your trips to the sale cycle of the store, all the better.